Georgia Man Robbed at Gunpoint Same Day He Receives CCW Permit


On Nov 1, 2018, Jon Foster was the receiver of both very good, and very bad luck.

The bad luck came in the form of him and his friend being robbed at gun point.

The good luck came in the form of his CCW permit, which he’d fortuitously received just that day.

In an interview with WSB-TV 2, Foster said he and his friend were ambushed by two men with guns.

But Foster was wearing his concealed carry pistol for the first time. He drew his gun and moved to the cover of a nearby vehicle, exchanging fire with the would-be robbers.

The gunmen turned and fled the area, leaving behind a truck riddled with Foster’s bullets.

“I just really had to get my handgun out and put them on their heels and give myself a fighting chance,” he said.

Foster says he was told by police the truck contained items from a robbery which occurred the night before.

“They had stolen goods in the truck from a previous robbery that night, and I think they were setting us up for a home invasion,” Foster said.

According to WSB-TV 2, Hapeville PD says the suspects are still on the loose.

Now Foster is raising awareness for state legislation house bill HB2, which looks to do away with the legal requirement of a permit in order to carry a concealed weapon.

Foster contends that the requirement for a CCW permit to carry his pistol concealed almost got him seriously hurt or possibly killed.

“Had it (the robbery) happened a day earlier, I would not have had my permit. I would not have had my handgun on me, and we’d be having a different conversation, if we were even having one,” Foster said, adding that he believes a right delayed is a right denied.

But State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver doesn’t think the bill will be popular with Georgians.

“They support more background checks, universal background checks. They do not support no background check in order to carry a gun,” she said in an interview with WSB-TV 2.

While HB2 is still in the committee process, similar bills have already failed to become law in Georgia.

However, if the bill does pass, Georgia will join South Dakota and become the 15th state to allow concealed carry without a permit.

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What do you think of the good luck Foster had when he received his CCW Permit in the mail the same day he was robbed at gunpoint? How do you feel about Constitutional carry? Good idea, or no?

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