Woman Fires Shot at Mumbling Burglar

At around 04:30 am Monday morning, a Cartersville, GA, woman called 911 to report a man had broken into her home on Lake View Dr.

According to the police report filed by the officer who responded to her call for help,

“[The victim] said that she shot at the subject one time and missed,” the police report stated. “Upon arrival, I made contact with the male suspect, Aaron Lee, who was standing in [the victim’s] sun room porch. I saw Aaron from outside the glass door and windows. Aaron appeared to be going through [her] belongings that she had on a table. I announced to Aaron that I was a deputy with the Sheriff’s office. I gave Aaron loud verbal commands at gun point to put his hands up and exit the residence slowly.”

“I asked Aaron what he was doing in the house,” the report stated. “I asked Aaron if he knew whose house it was and he said no. Aaron kept giving me incoherent answers to the questions I would ask. Aaron appeared to be intoxicated with some kind of drug.”

The officer then went to the homeowner for her side of the story.

The homeowner said she’d been asleep when she heard two loud Bangs on the door to her sun room, as she  went to investigate there was suddenly a third bang, the lock failed, and the door swung open.

The frightened woman said all she could see of the intruder was a dark shadow. She then fled to get her gun

She then ran back and repeatedly told Lee to leave her home which he ignored, choosing instead to continue to rummage through her belongings. She fired a shot at him, which missed and struck a wall in her home causing around $200 in damage.

She said Lee mumbled something incoherent, then she turned and hid in the hallway for the police to arrive.

Lee was charged with burglary-forced entry and then transported to jail to await court.

It may have been a better idea for the homeowner to have stayed in her room and locked and/or barricaded the door with her firearm at the ready and the police on the way.

Additionally, if Lee had a gun and decided to shoot it out with the deputy, she would be at an increased risk due to her proximity.

Going to find a threat is unavoidable sometimes. But it should be avoided if possible.

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