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Ball Player Loses Big at Home While on the Road

A burglar struck the home of Atlanta Braves right fielder Nick Markakis while he was away.

According to the police, a report was called in at around 11:00 p.m. by a neighbor of Markakis who said there was someone in the professional athlete’s home when there wasn’t supposed to be.

Responding officers arrived to the home to find a broken window and the front door wide open. A search of the location failed to turn up the suspect and police have still not been able to find the suspect.

Missing from the home was the safe which had been in the master bedroom containing $20,000 cash, a Breitling watch (a high-end time piece company crafting watches which sell between $2,000 and $255,000), an AR-15 rifle, and three 9mm handguns. A fourth handgun was also reported stolen from the downstairs bedroom.

Markakis, a new addition to the Atlanta Braves who recently signed a $6 million contract, had been in Philadelphia at the time to play against the Phillies.

If you are like me, without a multi-million-dollar contract, then it helps to have your safe anchored to either the floor and/or wall studs to prevent someone from just walking away with the entire safe to their criminal lair to open at their leisure.

If you own firearms and haven’t taken the time to purchase a safe, then you need one to keep your weapons out of the hands of someone who shouldn’t have them. This goes double if you ever have children in your home.

35-year-old Markakis is a 3-time Golden Glove award winner, and was named a Major League Baseball All Star in 2018 for the first time since starting his professional baseball career at age 22.

What do you think of this burglary? Have you ever had a gun stolen from you? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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