Car Salesman Pulls Gun on Angry Dad

According to the Warner Robins Police Department (WRPD), a local car salesman employed at Georgia Motors pulled a gun on an irate customer on Friday April 12th.

According to the police report filed by responding officers, a customer had arrived at the used car dealership enraged that his daughter had taken one of their cars out for a test drive and had run out of gas while on the road.

The father, claiming that the dealership had put his daughter in danger, promptly drove to the location to confront the salesman.

According to the police report, the confrontation started as soon as the father arrived at Georgia Motors, “yelling and cussing”, then “becoming more irate,” when told to leave which he refused.

“… ‘you gonna have to make me leave, I got something for you’,” he told the used car salesman.

The salesman decided to further escalated the situation, telling the father he could, “Get the F*** off my property.”

Naturally, the enraged father declined the invitation to depart, “… until he told the dealership how he felt,” the report says.

At this point the officers were told by the parties involved that the salesman went back into the dealership and came back out with a pistol pointed at the father.

WGXA reports that responding officers were told by the owner of Georgia Motors the salesman in question did not point a gun at the customer. However, police were unable to confirm this as the dealership’s security cameras had been turned off at the time.

The report filed by officers of WRPD stated that the individuals involved were given information on how to seek warrants if they wished to continue the matter legally.

If you are the kind of person who would pull out a gun to settle a dispute, you’re better off not carrying a gun at all and risking a mugging.

Read here for for an article by Riley Bowman on 12 Situations for No-Gun Defense, about when a gun is not the best choice for self-defense.

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