Three Teens Killed in Attempted Robbery

Rockdale County, Georgia – Three teens were killed after they attempted to rob a homeowner outside his home early Monday morning.

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO), the victim was standing outside his home located on White Oak Ct. with two other people when they were approached by three teens wearing masks.

The teens, 16-year-old Isaiah Reid, his 15-year-old brother Jamie Hernandez, and 16-year-old Brandon Gresham attempted to rob the victims at gun point.

One of the three victims standing outside the home in the front yard opened fire on the teens who returned fire.

All three teens were struck by the gunfire but none of the victims where injured in the exchange.

“When deputies arrived, they did discover masks on the young men. Again, that rose our suspicion,” Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said. “So now we are out in the communities, speaking with witnesses, speaking of course with the homeowner involved. And of course, trying to identify the young men and notify their families.”

Medics declared one of the boys dead at the scene and transported the other 2 wounded boys to the hospital where they died.

A nearby neighbor, Carlos Watson told 11Alive he’d been asleep at the time when he was awoken by the first shot to ring out.

“After I heard the gunfire, I got up to go and canvass my house, make sure everybody was OK,” he said. “Because I didn’t know if I was dreaming initially until I heard a second round of it go off. And shortly after that, maybe a couple of minutes, I could hear somebody screaming for help.”

The Rockdale County reported autopsies will not be completed for a few weeks and RCSO said charges have not been filed against the shooter so far because this appears to be either a situation of Stand Your Ground, or self-defense.

Two guns were recovered from the scene and now law enforcement officials say they are working to determine who they belong to while they investigate and question the other individuals associated with the shooting.

“Of course, they are distraught, and so we’re trying to sort out what they saw, what they know,” Sheriff Levett said.

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