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Dating App Gets Man Shot


Atlanta, Georgia – One man got into a shoot out inside his home after setting up a date online and his date brought more friends than anticipated.

According to Atlanta Police Department spokesperson, Captain Turner, officers were called to the scene of a shooting in the 1400 block of Sherrie Lane at around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

“Once we arrived, we found a 38-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to his right leg,” said Turner.

The victim told officers he’d set up to meet a woman he met on a dating app. When she arrived, he opened the door to discover she had brought a female companion with her.

The homeowner invited the women into his home, but soon had to fight for his life.

“Shortly after the women arrived, a man armed with a rifle snuck inside,” Captain Turner said. “He was startled by the homeowner’s dog and that’s when the homeowner grabbed his gun and the two started shooting.”

After the brief exchange of gunfire, the suspects fled the scene, but not before wounding the homeowner in the leg.

“The victim told us he believes one of the women may have also been hit by a bullet,” Captain Turner said. “This was a set up and we will be following leads to find out who these people are.”

If you are the kind of person who takes a personal interest in self-defense, no plan is complete without considering medical. You or a family member could be wounded in an exchange of gunfire and might need the equipment to stop the flow of blood until paramedics can arrive at the scene to take you to the ER.

A quality medical kit is an essential piece of equipment every citizen should have in their home for an emergency, like a fire extinguisher.

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